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Aye aye, Adventure, Amour, Alola! by NoVaNoah Aye aye, Adventure, Amour, Alola! :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 176 30 Sunshine girls! -Part 3- by NoVaNoah Sunshine girls! -Part 3- :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 87 7 Sunshine girls! -Part 2- by NoVaNoah Sunshine girls! -Part 2- :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 80 8 Sunshine girls! -Part 1- by NoVaNoah Sunshine girls! -Part 1- :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 113 8 Commission 36: Lily by NoVaNoah Commission 36: Lily :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 86 6 Shangri-La Rain by NoVaNoah Shangri-La Rain :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 113 5 Peace! by NoVaNoah Peace! :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 154 13 Namecard: The Landin Twins by NoVaNoah Namecard: The Landin Twins :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 91 9 You'll make me shine! by NoVaNoah You'll make me shine! :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 196 14 The day of the Champion by NoVaNoah The day of the Champion :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 315 23 Commission 35 - Holidays on Alola! by NoVaNoah Commission 35 - Holidays on Alola! :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 298 34 Love will taste like... by NoVaNoah Love will taste like... :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 423 85 The Child of the Rukh, Princess Nozomi by NoVaNoah The Child of the Rukh, Princess Nozomi :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 149 12 Initial SRs by NoVaNoah Initial SRs :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 75 9 To an endless tomorrow by NoVaNoah To an endless tomorrow :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 398 81 Engagement! by NoVaNoah Engagement! :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 162 12


Aye aye, Adventure, Amour, Alola!

I named the file of this pic “In an ideal world .PSD”

Also this is pretty much the 2.0 design for Alola!Serena.
Everyone was so hectic about it having the blue ribbon somewhere and I aim to please ⃛♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) (when possible )

|| Re-posts are not Allowed ||

Sunshine girls! -Part 3-
6/9 girls are on, the last part will be the trio! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

This duo is for :iconjapanzelda:, who is such a beloved supporter and recurrent commissioner of mine ♥; and the dynamic sisters duo :icond-thessy: & :iconade-andario:.
Their respective FMA OCs Lika and Maria!

Being Kanan the dad™ on the Aqours gang, it was a piece of cake to link her with Lika (also ponytail, hell yes). On the other hand, Maria's personality matches perfectly our favorite zura so easy peasy~~

I hope you like it girls!♥

(P.S: JapanZelda better believe that half of my success this semester was due to your encouraging words, so thanks for that ;w;// ).

(P.S 2: Girls, comment on it as soon as u see it so I can share you the stash folder with all the raw files :D -w/o ruining the surprise u know-)

* * * 

:bulletblack: Part 1 (Mira-Jakie):
:bulletblack: Part 2 (Lily-Amy):

:bulletwhite: On Tumblr:…

:bulletblue: Lika ® :icond-thessy::iconade-andario:
:bulletred: Maria ® :iconjapanzelda:
Bullet; Pink Art ® :iconnovanoah:
Sunshine girls! -Part 2-
Skipping explanation already given on part 1, I might add that when I started this project my objective was basically drawing the first OC that came to my mind when I looked at each pose, without thinking it too much, and of course I didn't look at proper references till it was time to color them, so there might be some slips;;;
But I'll keep going since 7/9 are drawn already!

* * * * * * 

-----  Part 2 is for :iconasarose: & :iconkannaasa: and their respective FMA OCs Lily and Amy
Just because! Aside from the pretty OCs, I'm genuinely thankful for your continuous support as watchers and stuff (sorry I'm so bad with words :XD: I hope you get the sentiment).

(P.S: I improvised with the theme color for Amy, I think purple suits her!)
(P.S 2: I swear that putting you 2 together was not due to the Asa part on your usernames :XD: It just happened).

(P.S 3: Surprise surprise AsaRose~~ I saw you did your own while I was posting this! Well you have 2 now~ I will do some other project later -like the pool party last year- so everybody can join and have fun, worry not!)

:bulletblack: Part 1 (Mira-Jakie):
:bulletblack: Part 3 (Lika-Maria):

:bulletred: Lily ® :iconasarose:
:bulletpurple: Amy ® :iconkannaasa:
Bullet; Pink Art ® :iconnovanoah:


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My name is Noelia,
but as artist I'm :iconletter-nplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-hplz: or :iconletter-nplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-vplz::iconletter-aplz:.

:bulletpink: 24 years old | Buenos Aires, Argentina. | Arabian and Turkish ancestry (Nassar and Albornoz families)
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:bulletpink: Student of Graphic Design and Digital Illustration in Da Vinci Institute.
:bulletpink: Professional daydreamer (and it's getting worse with the years)
:bulletpink: I am the proud owner of a beautiful WACOM BAMBOO PEN :heart:
:bulletred: I'm scorpio, so I might be nice but I can also be very blunt. In other words, some times my heart is in the right place but my methods could be better....????



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Ok so idk where to start and I don’t know either how long this will end up being but since it relates to much to the core of my internet persona (born in 2010), I guess it will be long because I have a lot on my mind.

I won’t be giving any names or links here but you’re more than welcome to make your educate guesses.


During this week I received a few notes and links to videos made by at least 10 different people, all of them related to the same topic more or less, which is roughly a problem I detached myself from years ago (and now stands as a thing I look back and say “wow how did I allow this thing to take so much of my time?”).
The notes weren’t meant for me to take part into this situation. They were more on the tone of “Oh I know you are/used to be friends with X and Y and also Z gave you a bad time so did u see what is happening now?”. I know I was supposed to be amused by those but to be honest? It horrified me HOW into it these people are. Back when my generation had their drama, it was all fandom related honestly; it might extend to art (as in “Z is tracing stuff from Y who they dislike and it’s honestly ironic and lame” or “this person has a big attitude for how they succ at art”) or collisions related to headcanons that would eventually split a portion of the fandom in smaller groups and generate passive aggressive feels in private chats. All of that in successive and/or overlapping cycles and re-aligned groups. And repeat. That’s it.

I’m not gonna lie, I won’t say it was funny or easier because the me back then of course that took it seriously and let it get to me for a bit. But I was clever enough to recognize the moment that it escalated out of “a fandom quarrel” and became person against person and that hate started to dictate my life and started to resemble the current situation with these people.
More than a moment it was a whole process for me honestly, it took me a while to come to terms with myself in successive steps and finally start to just drop things one by one, to start to choose my battles and just leave those battles that were lost even before they started. It was one of those situations that I had to take the first step get myself out of it alone because guess what? When everything spiraled into a mess, everybody else around me was in the same situation. They were either too gone into it already or too busy trying to save themselves. Some did it, some didn’t, and this post is mainly referring to these people that are leeching on stuff that started like 5 years ago and make it be the reason of their lives or a hobby, or worse, making others fight because that makes the others feel useful and them feel important on the internet.

There’s a huge difference between making catharsis and bringing in people to fight a non-worth it battle with you. There’s a huge difference between going to a private chat with your friends and state that you dislike somebody’s attitude or their actions (specially if their actions are harmless to anyone except themselves), and going public and start to trash on somebody you dislike or that you consider that have done you bad; specially if the chosen media to do so are videos that are alarmingly reaching 100k views, which translates into 99.999.997 people that are taking part on a drama they have NOTHING to do with, taking sides with people they don’t even know, and taking a stance towards the other person based on what a narrating voice of a podcast-ish video said in a moment of rage.
“But I need to say my side of the story” doesn’t apply in this case; neither side of the story should be available for ANYONE outside the people involved in first place, specially for the kind of problems I’m seeing this stuff was ignited by.

I honestly tried to reconstruct the order of events of this whole mess and even when some things happened when I was still around and in touch with some of the people, it was impossible because I always end up thinking “nah, it’s ridiculous to think something like THAT made this person make a half-hour video shitting on this other person, there must be something else”. Except there isn’t.

What’s worse, the whole thing feedback-s itself because both sides, in constant re-alignment, got addicted to it and attack each other with a new half hour video and other stuff, pointing fingers and dragging in even more people in the process. It’s seriously becoming a hobby for these people and there’s no way it will end up well for either side unless one of you say enough and drop the matter and move forward into something more worth of your time, something that actually brings you some positive vibes to help you go on with real life out there (which is hard enough already).

I’m telling you this from the position of a person that went through a less severe version of it, stayed a bit too long because I thought it was my duty to take care of people (spoilers, it wasn’t) because if I didn’t nobody else would, and I paid the consequences. The recovery process was terrible, yet I was lucky to already have @dentos-wife by my side at that moment showering me with love, and even with that it took a long time to just detox myself from it. The longer you stay, the worse it will be when you realize it’s consuming your life and changing your mood and personality and that it’s making you do things your younger self, the one that got into a community just to have fun and a relaxing time, would be disgusted of. You eventually get addicted to toxicity as extreme as it sounds, but you really do, and the longer you stay with it, the longer you convince yourself that you’re comfortable with the way things are and that you couldn’t lead a more interesting life without it. At some point there’s not even more “sides”, it’s just everyone against everyone under a veil of temporal, tense truces till something blows up unexpectedly and before you know it it’s 3 vs 2, 5 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and successive variations of it after shuffle and deal with the same persons involved in new alignments (it sounds ridiculous because it is, but it’s also what really happens sadly).

To the people involved in this drama (because I know that at least 4 of you follow me):

If you need to take a time out of the internet or a person or group of persons that are making your mood toxic, do it; but do it for real, as long as it takes for you to get something else to think about during the day, something else to talk about with your friends. Looking at things in perspective will only help you to realize how systematic hate is just adding negative stuff to the pile of things that already make your life hard, and nothing else. Time will eventually make two things: either give you the reason and you will for once and good banish a person from your life and purposefully ignore any trace of their existence, or show you that the problem wasn’t worth so much angst and that maybe after getting a rest from their presence, you’re even willing to forgive the other person and re-build your relationship from zero again, from another perspective; and there’s nothing wrong with either of those things.

Some people will change with the time and become better versions of themselves, even after events like these and even if they were on the other side of the battlefield; some won’t, even when they promise they have changed, it’s in some individuals nature to find pleasure in toxicity, unaffected by who goes down in the process. Be it being the victim of a made-up villain or being a paladin of justice that goes against said villain, some people only know how to interact with others and feel relevant like that and it’s the duty of said “others” to stay away from them. Not denouncing them, no bashing or awareness campaigns, just STAY AWAY from them. Attention will only feed them and the problem won’t hit an end.
It is OKAY and healthy to just leave somebody alone and do nothing about them. Unless we’re talking about somebody that is relevant to the actual real world and means a real damage for your physical or emotional integrity (read the sentient cheeto, courtesy of the USA), the rest of the nobodies like you and me that you will find on the internet won’t get to do ANYTHING to you, they have no real power to get you unless you open the door to them and give them what they want: attention. They can’t do anything to you if you just cut for the healthy way and build a wall between you and them. And I promise you that it will either be the end of it for real or a shuffle and deal for the good of the two sides.

Nobody on the internet is unavoidable if you decide to avoid them. I know it’s hard, harder than it sounds, but at the end it will be way easier and cheaper for your emotional health than feeding the beast of hate and revenge indefinitely.

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