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Name: Miragge Roswell

Nicknames: Mira ; Poodle; Robin


D.O.B: November 4th , 1918

>Zodiac: Scorpio

Place of Birth: West City, Amestris

Residence: Outskirts of Central City

Race: 25% Ishvalan, 25% Cretish, 50% Amestrian (raised as Amestrian)

Ocupation: Student /  Elementary & Middle school Tutor


-Homeschooled from 3 to 6 years old; developed reading and writing abilities at age of 3
-Languages: Cretan & Drachman
-Amestris Military Institute (Senior), actually she's in a postgraduate course.
-Excels at History & Arts
-Automotor mechanics (apprenticeship) by Edmund Roswell. Basic maintenance.

Faith/Religion: None official, but has tendencies to the Ishvalan religion her father has.


Height:168 cm (5.54 ft)

Hair: Curly, average length
-Natural color: Dark brown (dyed dark blue)
-Hair length: "V" haircut, largest part reaches below the line of the brassier.

Eyes: Vermillion

Skin: Tan skin

Body type: Long torso, short legs, wide hips. Big boobs, thighs and butt. Except for trained arms and upper back, overall out of shape.

Style: Serious. Doesn't like to wear "boom colors" clothes, prefers darker colors (mainly violet and blue), as well designer clothes.
-Usually has many problems to get her right clothes size, so has to ask for things made specially for her (pants mainly).
-Likes to use imported clothes.

>>Accessories: Common earrings (1 in each ear) and a gold ring with a Xingese stone and an array. She also uses a wristwatch and some bracelet or necklace from time to time (last 2 for formal occasions).

>>Marks/Scars/Tattoos: has 2 moles, one in her right shoulder and other in her left thigh

>>Others: Uses nails polish frequently, and sometimes lip gloss.  She's not allowed to wear excessive make up like eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.


This section will be edited after submitting proper family tree

»Anna Roswell (mother) (1893)

Anna Borschemer when single, is the 7th children of a Cretish man and an Amestrian woman, used to work for the military before she got married. Now works as operator in Central. Likes children and music, and has a great interesting on other languages and cultures, mainly Cretish (she's cretish, she was born there, but they moved immediately, so she has almost no memories of that). Has a great devotion for the "hero" Edward Elric.

»Maurice Roswell (father) (1889)

Son of an Ishvalan man and an Amestrian woman, lived in Ishval till 12 when the situation started to be hard for natives, then moved to West City, where met Anna. Actually works in Central HQ; his actual rank is Major General.
He's pretty intimidating, but actually likes to tease people and is pretty sarcastic. Loves both mechanics and sports (he's great at tennis and footing), and is a great leader. He lives and works for his family.

»Milthon Roswell (younger brother) (1925)

Second and last son Maurice and Anna Roswell. He goes to the same school than Mira. Even he's almost 6 years younger than his sister, he's a few inches taller than her, even so he looks up for his sister. Milthon is pretty stubborn in many aspects and lazy, and like his sister has a little "Prince of this house" complex. Also has a strong interest on music, sports and history.

Aria Roswell (pet) (1936)

A third children of the Roswell family, this little diva copies all her owner does, including to sleep everywhere and whenever she wants. She also has the bad habit of hiding things under her owner bed, from food to random things like clothes or plants.

»Andrex Mayenbech (cousin) (1911)

Only son, he moved to Creta when he was 10. Some time after that his father is murdered in the middle of a confuse surprise attack in the frontier, and just some days after that he's kidnaped by a group of Cretish guerrillas, being released some years later for the Cretish Military. When he goes out of the hospital, he decides he wants to come back to Amestris, where all his family is, and enter to the Military Academy. There he meets Emilian and Dan in his last year, and become sorta of friends. Actually, he works as warrant official in West City and lives near his grandparent's house.

»Adeline Mayenbech (paternal aunt) (1878)

2nd older sister of Anna, she married an Amestrian man and got pregnant when she was 19. When she was young she was a great dress maker, but after her husband was killed and her only son kidnapped, she started to be in a sorta of mental lapsus. Many years after, when the Cretish Military rescues Andrex, she recovers the intrest on living, and opens a little fabrics shop and has many helpers. Even her mental state is not the best actually, she lives pretty happy with what she does and the future her son is searching for.

»Edmund Roswell (paternal grandfather) (1867)

Ishvalan mechanic, he used to maintain his family repairing Military machines like weapons and cars, but he knows nothing about automail. Before the Ishvalan pursuit begins, an Amestrian soldier who was a regular costumer, took him and his family and sent them to the north-west area of Amestris to keep them safe.  After war started, they had to move from time to time between different cities. Actually he and his wife have a great life quality, and are taking care of an orphan Ishvalan boy (and sending him to the college) installed in East City, and at same time help with Ishval restoration from that place.

»Carol Roswell (paternal grandmother) (1863)

Amestrian woman, she used to live in St. Prieston (South Area -Amestris) and worked with her father at his carpenter workshop when she was young. She met Edmund during one of his travels in the frontier between Amestris and Ishval. Some years later they got married and has their first children, Maurice. Just after that they started to move around Amestris before the Ishvalans pursuit began.
Actually she is tutor of some children in East City (what inspired Mira to be a tutor herself too).

»Phillip Borschteiner (maternal grandfather, deceased) (1849-1933)

Amestrian Soldier (Highest rank reached: General) who comes from a family of 3 brothers (including him) and 2 sisters, all in the Amestris Military, same with his father and uncles. Before he died he was the owner of a vineyard and was the largest wine producer of the west zone. Actually his wife and two of his children take care of this business, and it's still really successful. He was a strict but sweet man, liked to tease people and liked children and animals a lot, and his most important moral view was about animals being equal to persons, who taught to his children and grandchildren.

»Carmel Borschteiner (maternal grandmother) (1851)

Carmel Altuve when single, cretish woman who comes from a pretty rich family. When young she went to the university of Creta and became lawyer in the half of the regular time of a lawyer career. She married Philip right after that and had their first child.
She actually lives in West City in the family vineyard with two of her daughters and her grandchildren.

»Marcela Borschteiner (1887) & Liselot Borschteiner (1918) (maternal aunt & cousin)
  Mariza Greybont (1891) (maternal aunt), Valery Greybont (1922) (maternal cousin) & Jacint Greybont (aunt's husband)

Marcela and Mariza live with their mother actually. Marcela never got married with Liselot father, so he left as soon as he could (and they never knew about him anymore), and Liselot has no memories of him, he mainly was raised with his grandfather as paternal figure. She always lived next to her parents.
Mariza is the second younger daughter of the Borschteiner family. She's scientist, same as her husband, who runs a drug store near to the Borschteiner's vineyard. Valery is the shy and happy-go-lucky girl of the family and is pretty curious about nature. She's really interested on going to a prestigious university of west city and become veterinarian.

Both Mariza and Marcela (and their families) moved definitely with their parents before Philip died, and now take care of their mother and help her to run the vineyard.

»Sandra Paulik (1995)(paternal aunt), Geni Paulik (1990)(aunt's husband)
Isabelle Paulik (1918), Adrien Paulik (1916, adopted at age of 1), Bruno Paulik (between 1917 and 1919, adopted at age of 8) & Erik Paulik (1929) (paternal cousins)

Sandra is the younger sister of Maurice. Even she heritaged his dad's white hair (but no red eyes), ironically she wasn't born in Ishval like her brother, she did in North City, just after her family moved for second time. She met her husband in Parston City (West Area), who is Drachmian, before the winter before the Prommised Day, and married the next autumn. Sandra is housewife and enjoys making claycraft  (and sell them), while Geni is office man, bringing parcels between Parston and the main cities of the area (West City, North City and Central).
Isabelle was born just one month before Mira, she was premature. Sandra got pregnant of her some months after they adopted Adrien. Isabelle is a sorta of opposite to Mira, she's pretty happy and childish and doesn't mind about showing it, but for some reason hates role society, and is determinated to become a mechanic like her grandpa just to show she can even she's tiny.
Adrien is an Ishvalan orphan who was found in a hospital in Parston City together with other 3 babies; his real parents are unknown, but since his hair is not completely white and his eyes have a dark red color, all suppose both of his parents were not pure Ishvalans. He's pretty bold but all a gentleman. Enjoys fishing and cooking. He's on a chef school, and actually has purposed to his girlfriend (and classmate in this chef school); they will get married after both finish their education.
Bruno was raised by a group of old ladies who found him when he was just a baby. After they died (last one when he was 8), Bruno were alone in the world, and then Sandra decided to take care of him. Mira doesn't know too much of him since he's pretty shy and closed to other persons, he only gets along with Sandra and Isabelle. He was homeschooled due to that problem, and also helps his mother with the little clay crafts business. In the other hand, he's incredibly smart, and he actually mentions he would like to go to an university some day.
Erik is the baby of the family. Has a little bossy complex, and is really hyper. His afflictions go from paper crafts to imitate radio actors. He goes to school in Parston and is "Mr. popular".

»Anastasia Catalina (maternal aunt) (1870) & Gabriel Catalina (1869)(maternal aunt husband), Tiago Catalina (1889)
»Rebecca Catalina (cousin)(1891) & Jean Havoc (1887) (cousin's boyfriend)

Anna's older sister. She's nurse, and her husband works as operator in the communications system of the city. They met in Creta before the Borschteiner family moved to Amestris (both of them are Cretish). Gabriel followed them and asked Anastasia hand to Philip.
They have 2 children, Tiago and Rebecca.
Tiago, the older, works in a typewriter factory, is married and have 2 children. Rebecca works for the military and actually is living with her boyfriend Jean.
Havoc had a large rehabilitation till he could walk again. Actually both works for the military again and runs his family shop in East City. From time to time he goes back to Central.

:bulletblack: Closer relatives::bulletblack:

»Daniel and Rozalie Mustang (fake cousins)

That's the way Rebecca introduced them to Mira when she was 11, during Dan's birthday. At that time, her happy-go-lucky personality scared Dan, who used to be pretty shy –due to her poor amount of friends-, and Rozalie didn't care too much about her.
In the middle of their teenage Daniel and Mira had a sort of "half-dating" relationship.
Actually, the three are great friends and spend a lot of time together and get along greatly.
(Mira has no relationship with Roy and Riza since they're always busy/ out working)

»Priscilla Ridley, Eddy Elric, Trish and Ann Elric

Know Mira since she was a baby and started to attend to the daycare Priscilla worked at. Mira babysit Trish and Ann regularly since Priscillagot pregnant of her fifth and last child. Eddy call her "big sis" and has a big esteem for her, when Priss get along with her like a little sister.

»Bettian Kasbar

Mira's best friend. She was born in Aerugo, and moved to Amestris when she was just a baby (to Central). Actually lives in the North side of the Central Area, and during the classes stay at her grandma house. About her personality, she's totally happy-go-lucky (or pretends to be like that), conformist and a total pervert. She also has a boyfriend (one year older), an automail mechanic that used to go to the Amestris Military Institute. After he graduated he moved to Rushvalley with his family, but once a month goes back to Central.
Bettiane's dream is becoming a hair-dresser.


:bulletblack: General Description:

-Serious but sarcastic sense of humor, querelous; has a little diva complex; stubborn; intelligent; perfectionist; suggestible; extreme personality (she can be very altruist or very selfish, no middle point); she's realist, but tends to see the pessimist side of the fact, she says it's for being prepared for the worst; does everything to make her parents happy; not conformist; vindictive; unsure; very jealousy and possessive;

As a family oriented girl, she tends to be pretty antisocial out of home, or needs to somebody else introduce her to new friends/persons she doesn't know; if not, she tends to isolate herself many times. This problem is mainly with people of her same age, she is more social with children and adults. When she gains confidence with somebody, she starts to be progressively open, but it takes too much time. She's basically serious and acts mature, but unsure around strangers or people that she just knew not too much time ago; she has it as a defense system, thinking that people will not approve her real self, or will find it intimidating.
At home she's totally the opposite. She enjoys joking with her family and makes whatever to keep home's harmony. She's very jealousy about her parents attention (she'll pout if they talk about any child that excels at something she doesn't), and always want them paying attention to her before anyone else. Her overdeveloped maternal instinct makes her want to be (and sometimes unconsciously) the protector and guardian of everything she has around, including animals and other people like her bro, and even take care of situations she shouldn't.

>General Demeanor:

She was raised as a refined young lady, and that's how she acts, with delicate manners, always serious and pretty feminine. Even so, her way of speaking inspires respect and sounds pretty bossy sometimes, even she doesn't realizes/doesn't want to sound like that.
She can act mature and think things wisely when all depends on her, even so she can't take hard decisions when it come to herself and becomes absent minded.

>Moral values:

-She believes most in a "role" society, where all should do what they're good for, and not what they think is cooler or make them be better than the neighbor/their parents/the opposite sex.

-She's pretty lover of rules, but she also is pretty rational, so she won't just do whatever that the status quo or society moral establishes.


» She's a very reliable, most for telling secrets and so
» Even she doesn't walk the talk, she's good giving advices and cheering up people.
» Very developed maternal instinct
» Strongly Family oriented.
» Excellent memory, also high IQ (140)
» Even she has not initiative, once she's rolling nothing will stop her.
» She likes to spoil other people when she feels he/she/they deserve it, and likes to comfort other persons.


>Major Flaws/Cons

» Gets mad easily (due to her reprise feelings)
» She's arrogant, but she denies it (She tries to give others a strong and respectable image, when she is pretty emotionally weak).
» She´s a perfectionist (goes together with the no perseverant thing, if she didn't make it perfectly first time, she will get frustrated)
» She´s rancorous (if you betrayed her, she will not forget you, even if you apologize, she will keep a bit of hate in her heart).
» Strong emotional weakness (that's the way she was born, and due to a succession of situations that happened during her adolescence, that left deep scars on her self-esteem,  it became even worse).

>Minor Flaws/Cons:

» She's just about as curious as she's easily distracted, will not focus on something she doesn't like.
» Has almost no physic resistance.
» Always finds a more-difficult way for doing things, doesn't like to be "simplistic" or "common-minded".
» She's not perseverant, or just lazy (it's because if she failed first time, she couldn't bear the shame of failing again)
» Can't help to think bad about people at first, most of men; same about trust, it's one of the hardest things for her.
» Has an advanced stage of "ostracism" around people that don't belong to her family.
» Needs to be regularly cheered up.
» Feels lost when she's out of the routine.


» Loves nails polish (once somebody told her she looked sexy with it, so she uses it all the time -aka influenced-)
» Loves milk (is a sort of addict to it, and her body developed a certain dependence to it).
» Reading, cooking, drawing, sleeping, to be alone listening music & baroque style -architecture and decoration- (art & creativity world related things overall).
»Self-improvement, to be the best in everything she does.
» Tall men, as tall like his dad possibly, because of the fact she's not precisely a tiny woman, she has the needing of feel protected.
» To be surrounded by animals, whose she traits like little children, not like animals.
» To have a small group of friends, to have confidence and give each one the time they deserve.
» Sincere friendship, to be with her family.
» Warm sunny days, mountains, rivers, she relates all these with an adventure time.
» Totally girlish clothes, even she feels that for some reason she can't wear them in public, so she does at home.
» Swimming, she feels free and totally comfort in water.
» Music concerts, of any kind or type.

-----> Favorites:
-Flavor: bittersweet and peach
-Color: Blue/violet/pink
-Objects: A bedcover her aunt Adeline made her when she was 5; a collection of books about alchemy her grandpa gave her before he died;
-Places: Her bedroom; the Mt. Strevor (50 km to the north, at the end of the Central region); Borschteiner Family Wineyard; Sarabat (Ishval).
-Music style: Jazz


» Cloudy days, these doesn't give her any good feeling/inspiration for doing nothing.
» Girls that pretend to be weaker than they really are, because she was taught to be strong, or at least have a decent personality strength.
» When people remind her of the fact she's big or/and intimidating.
»Being ignored, not receiving credit for what she does, receiving no support, being taken advantage of and being useless ( the phrase "Ok, you did all you could" is like a defeat for her).
» Summer
» Society Status Quo based on races, because even the society started to include Ishvalan people and other races in the common society, it just reforced the status quo that help some to feel superior than others; she hates that.
»To sweat, she consequently hates all sports except for swimming. She likes to watch them, but no to play.


» She has stage fright, she`s afraid to fail.
» She constantly fears for her father to doesn't come back home (due to occasionally vigilance patrol he does).
» To people realize she's not that mentally strong
» Any animal similar to a shrimp (she had a bad experience when she was young).
» To discover she's not good enough for doing the things she likes to do
» To be sterile and have no children.


» Painting
» Photography (her family actually is pretty rich, so she has access to the most modern type of photography technology).
» Reading
» Listening Military radio.
» Investigating & Learning Alchemy
» Cooking


» To have a happy family and at least 2 children.
» To have a house in the middle of the mountains, designed and built with her own hands.
» Seeing Roy Mustang accomplishing his goals of a better country for all.


» Knows alchemy, more theory than practice though (studied from the books of her grandpa), but never put real effort to "do something of it" since she felt nobody cheered her up to go on. Actually she also thinks it's not acceptable she is only able to do decent alchemy because of the ring she uses. She underestimates her ability without that ring.

» Mechanics (basics),which applies for repairing almost all household devices.
» Fast learning new things
» Has an excellent performance under pressure

:bulletblack: FUN FACTS:

» She speaks with a little cretish accent.
» She drools her pillow 9 out of 10 times.
» The ring she wear on her left hand holds a Xalde (a Xingese stone that amplifies alchemic power) over a basic array. That's how she performs alchemy.
» She has a strong health, but has a big tendency to get sick for emotional problems and suffers anemia from time to time.
» She has a fetish about men in uniform (military, university, police, etc).
» She secretly would like to have a boyfriend that make her do exotic things.
» Even she has a low self-esteem due to the bulling she suffered for her Ishvalan red eyes, she actually like them because they make her unique.
» Most of her paranoia about men is caused by her "bad eye" when the time to crush a boy arrives.


She's the firstborn of Maurice and Anna Roswell. Anna got pregnant when single and Maurice was working at Ishval rebuilding when she noticed. He came back to West City immediately, Anna had 5 months of pregnancy. He just come back to help with Ishval after they married and moved to Central, it was in the middle of 1920.

In 1921 Anna starts to work again, so Mira starts to attend to Krann's Daycare, where she meets Priscilla Ridley, Bettiane and Clem, actually her teacher, classmate and best friend respectively. During this period she starts to have some conflicts about her father being always out of home.

At age of 5 she starts to have an obsession with the color of her hair, dying it in strange colors with paint from time to time, what make some other kids to tease her.

At age of 6 Mira starts attending to the recently founded Military Institute of Amestris. She'll be part of the first generation of children that graduates under the new education system established by Roy Mustang.
At age of 10 she meets Daniel and Rozalie Mustang at Daniel's birthday party, and says she's gonna protect him in Central since he looks "clumsy and tiny" (even older, Dan was tinier that her in that time). Till that time she was proud of being taller than many boys, but it became a self-esteem issue later.

At the age of 12 she starts to do strange thing with her hair, she wants attention, she's in a confusion hole due to many things: Bettiane moved to Aerugo, some of her cousins moved too, she noticed her uncle was killed and her cousin Andres kidnaped, and mainly because she was used and betrayed by a boy she had a crush on.

At age of 14 her grandpa's health starts to wane progressively. Mira is betrayed for second time by a boy she had crushed on. Some months after that, she and Daniel start a sort of "half-dating", what healed Mira's heart a bit. But some time later, Mira moves to West City when her grandpa health becomes worse. She comes back to Central after she turned 15.
Some time after that Daniel enters to the Military Academy. Their "half-dating" game is a past thing. But Mira still needs acceptance, or somebody to love her, and she lets somebody to break her heart a third time.

She starts to dye her hair again at the age of 17 just after another heartbreak (in fact she did it before she noticed he liked other girl, and she did it on this boy's favorite color, dark blue). Plus, Dan, her major emotional support, is in the Military Academy, so she feels a bit lonely. She starts to tutoring school children to keep her mind busy.

When she turns 18 Daniel graduates from the Academy, and now she has a little interest on working in the Central HQ annex offices (next to the fortress) where Dan will, and maybe start to know the kind of mature people she wants to be surrounded by.

Actually she has a big paradox: she wants to work for the military (or at least she thinks it would be the best she could do), but also would like to marry a soldier. She also plans to study to be an architect before that so she can design an hotel in the mountains.

In the future, when she turns 23, she is already happily married and is pregnant of her first daughter.

Read, I command you

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Well, here, Mira o3o/ Read about her.

Tell me what you think, I would really appreciate it u3u/


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